WAEC Goat Breed Farming

The Boer goat was originally developed in South Africa specifically for meat production. The name of this goat comes from the Afrikaans word ‘boer’, which means farmer. The Boer goat is one of the most popular breeds for meat in the world due to its excellent carcass qualities and fast growth rate.

• They adapt well to hot and dry climates
• They have a high resistance to disease
• The Boer goat are known for being passive
• They are also known for having high fertility rates
• They are a fast growing breed of goat
• Compared to other breeds, Boer Goat Does have greater mothering skills
• If a Boer goat buck comes from a fast-growing bloodline, its offspring will also likely be fast growers

• They commonly have white bodies with distinctive brown heads
• Some can be completely brown or white
• Some can also be paint – meaning they have large spots of a different color on their bodies
• They have long, pendulous ears... Waec Expo 2022 


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